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3 words – rock, dream, glass

Her nerves felt like a rock in her stomach.

Hiding behind the backdrop, she looked at the people in the audience waiting for the show to begin.

The front row was filled with journalists, ready to jot down their honest and critical opinions after seeing the performance.

She closed her eyes and let out a big blow of breath. It had always been her dream to play Sophie in Mamma Mia the musical. Now that her dream became reality, the amount of pressure on her shoulders kicked in.

What if the people in the audience disliked her performance? What if she would forget her lines?

Then, a gentle touch made her open her eyes. It was the Stage Manager who looked at her with an understanding gaze. In his hands, he held a glass of water. Without saying a word, he gave her the glass, nodded, and went off to do his business.

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