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3 words – Tea bag, iPad, Bunny

It was a lovely spring day! One of those when you can finally leave your tights behind. Enthusiastically, I had greeted the sun with my white legs and sat down on a chair with a book in the backyard. It was probably inspiring because a few moments later my roommate came out as well. 

“Would you like tea?” she asked.

“Tea, in this weather?” I didn’t look up from my book.

She put two cups on the small table in front of me. “If you don’t want it, leave it,’” she said.

I closed my book, “You already made it. Thank you!”

She threw a teabag at me and plopped down in the chair next to me with an iPad. 

Drifty, she began scrolling through a timeline. I rolled my eyes.

“Hey!” my roommate called out.

I was startled, thinking she had caught my disapproval.

“We need to get Miss Biggy out. It’s the perfect weather for hopping around.” The iPad landed next to her untouched tea and before I could finish off a page, two beady eyes stared at me. 

“Hi Miss Biggy,” I greeted our bunny.

*some of my newsletter readers have given me 3 words. With those 3 words, I create a short story. This little story is based on the 3 words in the title.

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