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Daisy in Canada (2) – the temporary apartment

After being stuck for 1,000 years in the traffic jam of the Gardener, the highway to Toronto which can be better called slowway, we had arrived at our temporary apartment. I had to admit it, the Gardener went right through the city, past all the tall buildings, which made it an impressive route. But the musty apartment where we were dropped off made me soon forget that glimmer of joy. 

Annoyed, I looked around. Why was everything cream-colored? As if the previous owner had rubbed his shit all over the toilet and bathtub and thought, “Exquisite.” My attention was then caught by the plumes of smoke flying past the window. Where was that coming from? What kind of gases were being blown into the air here? I could ask my parents, but they were both sitting on the living room couch, sucked into their phones. A brown couch, of course. One of those dirty leather ones. With a jolt, I turned around and walked to my room. I looked for the lock on the door and… found none. Are you kidding me? Before I went completely bonkers with irritation, I figured there was at least one thing that made me feel at home; wifi. I grabbed my phone from my back pocket and noticed the battery was running low. Quickly I got my charger from my suitcase and plugged it into my phone, but when I tried to plug it into the power outlet, I almost exploded.

Why did Canada have different outlets than the Netherlands? 

“Dad!” I yelled.

“Yes, honey?” echoed through the wall.

“My plug doesn’t fit!”

Not much later I heard a knock on the door. “Come in!” I shouted. My father gave something to me, “You have to put this in between.”

“Why didn’t anyone tell me this?”

Dad smiled vaguely, “It’s fixed now, right?”

He closed the door and I ran to the power outlet. When I was finally connected to the wifi, the apps bombarded my phone. I had no doubt who I would reply to first.

Amber, it’s terrible here. It’s so cold and it’s freaking April! Seriously, there’s snow. 

I wish you were here. 

No, I wish I was in the Netherlands!

I stared at my words and felt tears welling up inside. A whole year in Toronto? How was I going to survive?

Amber was online. She started typing.

Snow? Lol! I’m sitting outside in my dress. With bare legs.

I miss you, girl!

I wish you were here too. 

I texted back and forth with Amber, telling her about everything that happened after we left the airport. My first impression of the city, the apartment, and the electrical outlets. Then I turned onto my side and felt my eyelids getting heavy. The jet lag kicked in. 

To be continued.

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