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Qavah, the meaning of hope

Do you like FALL?

Apart from the wet, I love the fall. 

The fall provides hope

We know trees are losing their leaves because they need rest. And we know those leaves will come back

That kind of hope, knowing that something will come back, or turn out better, is “Qavah” in Hebrew. 
Apparently, this specific word means “waiting” or “expectation”. 

We wait because we expect.

I love that meaning of hope. 
A situation can seem dark, but we hope for something better because we KNOW we already lived better days before. 
From those experiences we raise hope.

A situation of writing your third book. It seems messy.

All over the place.

Not sure if it’s worth the story.

But, I have hope it will turn out well.
I’ve written two novels before.
I can manage this one too.

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