Hi, I’m Jane Trapman

In love with making stories & empowering people

Creative writer // Storyteller // Author


My first fiction story is captured in the two part series of Jels.

Jels, de Wichelroede (part 1-DUTCH)

Jels and the Dowsing Rod (part 1-ENGLISH)

Jels en de Dag der Gerechtigheid (part 2-DUTCH)

Jels and the Day of Justice (part 2-ENGLISH)

When a remarkable disappearance on the news seems to have a connection with The Source, a mysterious book mentioned in a letter from her deceased mother, Jels is determined to lay hands on a copy. She even puts her life on the line to get it. When she reads the seemingly inconceivable contents, it feels like her entire world falls apart… Is her whole life based on a lie? Is she a descendant of a nation that’s been wiped away? And is her world actually the only one that exists?

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