My Story

A storyteller on a mission.

Once upon a time…

…in a small town in the Netherlands, Kaatsheuvel, a little girl was running around in the backyard, pretending she was Pocahontas. She acted out the song “Colors of the Wind” . The full image; standing on a rock, wind going through her hair.

That girl is me. Not only did I impersonate Pocahontas, there are many more characters I made up. Just like the songs I “wrote” in my bedroom. It was all the start of my storytelling endeavors.


  • Bachelor International Media & Entertainment Management & Master Degree in Imagineering (Business Innovation)
  • Assistant producer for the Dutch Television broadcaster Evangelische Omroep (EO) & Online Communication for a creative center & Project Manager and Mediacoach for Library Eindhoven & Founder Zorro Branding & Founder Born to
  • Different projects in theater & film; on screen, on stage, and behind the scenes


hours of writing


books published


writing projects in the making

Besides writing

I have the privilege to be a sister, a wife to Ronald and a mother to Judah. My boys are the love of my life and besides my purpose they are my inspiration for many projects.

I’m also a daughter of the Most High King, and all I do is for His glory.

And when I’m not “entrepreneuring”, I love to dance the day/night away, seek nature and go on hikes, take a musical class, dream, or Netflix.

My hope is that my stories will inspire and empower you. To help you tap into your strengths and talents and find and live your God-given calling.

Believe and acknowledge you were born to fly.

I never meant to become a literature genius. All I want for you is a story that’s easy and entertaining to read and a chance to escape reality.